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Welcome to my site! I am glad you are here and I have a question for you ... do you know what truly makes you happy? Well for me, I am about to discover more of it and in a new way! This year I have decided to take a break from the day to day mundane job, getting stuck paying a mortgage and being locked into financial commitments. "She is me" are going on an adventure to discover the things that makes us happy!

Birth of an adventure

“Look in the mirror and what do you see?”


What is 2019 going to be for you? This year I have decided to house-sit for one year. Do you know every house you visit will gift you with something?

I am currently in Norwood, South Australia. This place is amazing. Two well-behaved and loving cats named Pancakes and Pebbles. It didn’t take long for me to connect with these lovely little energies. Like children, family and friends, our pets can be a reflection of who we are and these gorgeous cats are full of love which tells me a lot about their owners.

I recently sent a message to a friend who said that she couldn’t make it for dinner one night because she was making herself available to support a friend who lost her brother the day before. It made me consider the value we place on friendships and the level of care and commitment we show.

What is a friend to you?

I said to her that to have a friend is to be a friend and we are a reflection of our friendships.  If you look at your quality of friends then that is a reflection of you.

It is good practice to look at yourself in the mirror and really see who you are. Have you ever asked that question … “who am I ?”

In 2018 I did a lot of soul-searching and sifted out what I want for the future me. I think we all need to ask that question for ourselves. If we really want to create something better, that is our first step to happiness. Happiness is about growing and developing a relationship with yourself.

Give birth to the new you. Empower her. Start your adventure. Keep growing because that’s where your true happiness lies.

I am, she is me.

1 thought on “Birth of an adventure

  1. So many truths in one short page Michelle. They are challenges to answer every day and not hide from the squirming it requires to choose to live keeping faith to the answers to do what makes us happy and fulfilled. As I am in between projects, I have days when I can’t muster the energy for the next course but your writing infuses zest to try, to seize the day as if there will be no other while also knowing that just to sit might in itself be an answer.

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