My beautiful cousin in Spain sent a thought to me a few days ago and I couldn’t but think of how we are all little energy sparks walking around this earth school.

I have been someone who has always placed a value on my growth and one of the ways I do that, is being open to all people, particularly when you are tuned into your own frequency.

I like to do “self reflection” and mix it up like a delicious cocktail with a big splash of self care and things that bring me pleasure.

I have needed time and a clear head space to discover these things. I have given my heart space and I have used earth school to teach me.

If you can imagine your brain being like a sponge and sometimes my sponge has been so dry it has sometimes needed the support of others to soak it all up with their healthy living waters, which I liken to their spirit and soul.

Sometimes we can be at a low frequency because we have allowed life to encroach on the things that we love and enjoy.

Special caring souls can come to you to encourage you to get to a higher frequency which is so kind of them. I have been on the tail end of such beauty like this and in some ways, I take some responsibility to accept the gift they are giving me.

Could you imagine a world of people walking around giving and sharing in such a beautiful way?

I must always be open to it … sometimes it can be hard to accept someone’s love when you are naturally inclined to give out so much of your love.

Tune in to you.

Be kind to you.

Open your heart to what the Universe willing gives you.

Take responsibility for your frequency.

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