Change in the weather

I have been thinking alot about the journey so many of us are on. It can be overwhelming yet exciting and somewhat uncomfortable.

I remember hearing someone say to me once about when you are about to do something uncomfortable you may be about to learn something new …

Taking risks is one thing us humans don’t embrace that well. We are creatures of comfort and we tend to build a world around our primal instinct.

When we wake up we tend to go into a primal way of thinking so before you allow to listen to your mind, simply go with that quiet small voice which is your soul’s  purpose, your source guidance, your beautiful heart and spirit.

Trust it and believe it … even though it might scared the shit out of you!

I am sitting at a well known cafe in Gawler before heading off to help out my older sister move into her new house. It’s been a very uncomfortable decision for her yet one that will now see her on another journey.

Journeys are to be created and explored. Sometimes it takes the courageous and brave to takes risks to make the move.

My thought is about being risky. My thought is about making a change. My thought is about creating a new message for your soul to sing too. You have only one life so why wait to do what you dream about … you can make them real … its all about listening to your souls purpose.

You can’t control the weather yet be confident it will always change just like your life.

Plan that holiday.

Plan that date with that someone.

Try that activity that you’ve never done before.

If anything … move in the thought to change what is to what may be.

Is it time for a new message?
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