Showing up

Touched by an inner child

“Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It’s tough to do that when we’re terrified about what people might see or think.” — Brené Brown

I heard a story from a beautiful spiritual man recently. He told me how he had prepared something very special and spiritual for another soul and it was obvious to me, the intention came from a very loving and pure heart.

Sometimes you think people are ready for your deep love then it is in their actions you understand they are not … they may say “yes” however their actions speak louder and they don’t show up in the same vibration. This is what happened to my friend and the girl didn’t make an appearance. Unfortunately, my friend went to alot of effort and originally the girl agree to come along yet simply didn’t “show up” on the day.

I was gifted with some divine advice about this and it was explained to me how you can be ready for a deeper human connection however the other heart might not be due to a “vulnerability mismatch”

I have always been that person who wants it now yet life has taught me about the virtue of patience and to trust the higher source when it comes to human connection. I find myself being so mindful of all my learnings from the inner child because she tends to be willing to be vulnerable.

It can sometimes be hard not to judge another human for not “showing up” in our space especially if you’re not operating with the vulnerable inner child and especially where my love and compassion exist …

Life is all about “growing up” and “showing up” though and you can do that in the best way when you’re being true to you and trusting that your vulnerability will show up in human connection.

Trust is a really strong virtue if we look at the behaviour we see behind the word yet it is where we belong and where our joy lies when we mix it in with being vulnerable.

So today, my message today is to trust you! Trust that beautiful inner child and “show up” so you can “speak up” by reaching for her hand. Talk and walk this journey you are on together.

Check out my post on “Captain of your ship” and go swimming in the deeper waters with your thoughts with this.

She is me.

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