Captain of the ship

North Haven, Adelaide

In Adelaide last weekend we had the HMAS Encounter visit our outer harbor in Port Adelaide.

I was reminded on a powerful statement about my purpose in life and that was, being the Captain of my own ship.

Imagine you are the Captain of a ship. How far would you travel and risk going into those deep waters? How does your ship present? What sort of people would be part of your crew and who would support you?

I liken this metaphor with the life as a courageous leader and “she is me”

To sail her ship and for her craft to go out onto the waters, she will have to trust and be confident in herself first.

Yet it is in her confidence she will see and feel many things other than if she were simply sitting at a port or on the shoreline.

For many months, she needed the time to be stationary yet the true purpose of the Captain in her, was to navigate her ship and sail it on the waters.

Not everyone is called to be a Captain some are called to be part of the crew, a lighthouse or bystanders from the shoreline, yet the Captain knew her people were here to support the sail.

This would be a journey into the unknown waters yet through her vunerability her lighthouse would always appear and light up the waters to comfort her.

She felt safe to travel and was ready to hear the sound of the horn.

She is me.

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