Smile and the whole world smiles back at you

“Smile With Me”

Who said that when you turn 50 you become invisible?

No, I’m not 50 yet but I’m around 24 months off … I had my 48th birthday just a few days ago and someone mentioned this “invisible” comment.

I was like, “what? that’s just silly!”

Tonight, I was driving home and came to a set of traffic lights. I was smiling to myself because I had such a fun night seeing a movie as part of those “girls night out” activities.

I felt a presence looking at me and so I turned my head to see a very handsome man with the biggest smile looking right over at me. It was so incredibly flattering so I naturally felt to smile right back at him! We held a good gaze which for most would normally become an uncomfortable feeling yet we were both confident with our smile gazing! I assume he had a good night too! What a lovely moment after hearing that silly comment a few days prior.

A friend I know is in Bali and she said recently that everyone smiles over there. It reminded me to be mindful on the impact of a smile. It really cost nothing and you can be any age to give one out or receive one.

We should do it more and I can guarantee … you’ll feel seen when you get one back!

Love Mim x

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