30 Days

Norwood Parade Walk
Stop. Smell. I see you. Beautiful colour.

Gratitude is the most important way to make you feel really happy. I actually know this to be true because it works for so many people as well as myself.

Everyday we can create opportunities to see beauty if we want too. I want too.

For the next 30 days I will be writing three things that have made me feel happy which means that each day I need to be mindful of creating something that is going to make me feel good.

Day one started yesterday being 12th February 2019

  1. I liked listening to my friend talk about her life marriages and she also shouted me a beautiful lunch.
  2. Walking to Norwood wearing my new Nike sneakers and spontaneously buying a book that took my eye and opening the first page sipping a beer.
  3. Enjoying a bath while listening to music and having a cup of tea in bed with 3 of my favourite biscuits afterwards.
Bookmark is for you … 

What I like about “She is Me”

She is Me is a good listener

She is Me is not scared to be spontaneous

She is Me has a beautiful body and embraces her

Thank you for the beauty you give. 

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1 thought on “30 Days

  1. Gratitude is a gift and if we can keep appreciating the small things around us each day, we develop more as a person. Taking note of a few things each morning that we are grateful for will set us up for a positive start to the day.


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