Appetite For Truth

Feed your mind with the happy stuff
“I don’t like liver so why create an appetite to eat it?”

Think on the things that make you feel good … happy.

Think on the things that make you feel sad … unhappy.

Is it possible to change the momentum of your thought patterns from negative to positive and vice versa. We all have an inner critic and it lives within our mind. It is so vital for our own well-being that we acknowledge this critic by putting it in its place. Your first step is to be honest with yourself and acknowledge your feelings about having this naughty little critic running around in your head!

I liken this to an experience where I asked a woman about something she really doesn’t like to eat. We then would use this name every time that negative inner critic would attack her mind and world.

I actually dislike the taste of liver. So imagine these thoughts you have just said to yourself …

“Is there something wrong with me? Look at the way I look, my bum is too big, I’m getting too old, they act better than me, I can’t get that job, how could he really love me?”

What a joke! Classic inner critic talk here and especially for women thinking they are “not good enough!”

We need to replace our thoughts by calling it out and addressing the negative talk that the “liver” is giving you.

We have two minds. One that is powerfully positive and looking out for us, then we have that terrible inner critic “the liver” who really has no boundaries and goes for it with negative thoughts. So ruthless. So unkind.

You are the designer of your destiny. You are the author. The pen is in your hand. You are the head chef. You have those clean sharp tools to create something delicious, so make sure you are listening to your powerful mind and chuck out “the liver” thoughts. It really doesn’t like you either!

My powerful mind often is inspired by the Wonder Woman character. I remember a male friend giving me the action woman doll as a gift of reiterating my love for the “lasso of truth”. He said to me “you are like that Princess Warrior Michelle” and to be honest with you, he knew how much I loved to cut right through “the liver” and that takes action with speaking your “lasso of truth”

Call it inner chatter if you will …

Part of an action plan to create inner happiness and your powerful mind always having the upper hand, is about fuelling your vehicle with all the good stuff so it moves your thoughts in the happy way! In another blog I spoke about the tools to support your vehicle moving. Keep your vehicle clean and serviced and it will serve you well. Go to people and places that will only use the best chatter with you.

Every night write down three beautiful things you adore about yourself or liked doing today and first thing in the morning read them to yourself. A

I see people giving up on their happy because working with the mind is hard work. The inner critic has been around since your childhood and a lot of your environment and guidance (parents, teachers, friends) fed into your thoughts and have contributed to what you think and believe now. You may have been introduced to liver thoughts, yet you don’t have to eat that stuff now if you don’t want too! I use my “lasso of truth” to prove some of those theories to be incorrect. Its hard work yet the more I practice the better I have become.

Another thing, please take care of your health – spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially so you can be more independent and desire the richness an abundant life has on offer. Creating this sort of wealth starts with your thoughts. Its how you think. It’s what you think about that you bring about so why not choose things that make you feel good … happy.

Remember, you truly are the Masterpiece of your life so let me ask you this, “what character would you like to be eating with tonight?”

She is me.

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