Tongue of Truth

Mim @ 7 years old

A little girl with a voice to be heard.

Another little girl with eyes of envy and pride.

“Don’t speak” she says

“Silence your words” she says

A physical touch.

A pull. A grab. An unkindness.

She touched me.

A harsh pull on my tongue and held it with such force.

Please let go.

She twisted it more with a smirk.

A pleasure felt through pain.

I am hurt. I am shocked. I am sad.

How? Why? I questioned me. 

You are awful … yet in her eyes I witnessed gladness and her happiness.

This little girl cries inside yet smiles back at her to say this must be okay.

“I am making her happy arent I?”


I create my help and I looked away from her eyes. I see a vision of beauty over there.

She sits simply over on the green grass, her hair of gold and flows in all glory.

A gentle and kind spirit yet strong and powerful, a reflection of who I am, yet still to be developed and understood.


She is my reflection.

She is me.

She is who I am, who I have now finally have become.

A brave and courageous spirit.

My voice will be heard and no longer taken from me. I will not allow my tongue of truth to be ripped out of my mouth.

Speak my darling, speak.


She is Me reads out her “Tongue of Truth” expression of two girls who are one.
Categories Motivational, Poem
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