A New Day

“What mask are you wearing?”


A wonderful person came in to my life and introduce me to energy oracle cards. I had felt open to explore my future when she had gifted me with my own deck.

I loved what card was given to me this morning being the start of new thoughts.

On our life journey we meet and experience a lot of stuff and collect it on the way. This card spoke to me about being bolted to the pass and her old thought patterns and having a desperation about the future.

One thing I don’t want and that is to be desperate for love and attention and if you live in fear that can sometimes lead you into unhealthy thoughts and keep you stuck and difficult to move forward.

Dont look back!

My journey is about moving forward and how dare my old thought patterns try and creep into my new thought patterns that I am creating.

Be aware!

I have been one to get myself caught up in emotional attachments and they have never been entirely healthy and can consume your life. Do you know why? Its because our thoughts are the master of everything which is also our bodies and the way we move and behave … if you set a goal and focus your thoughts on that goal I can be confident to say, you’ll achieve your goal through “determination not desperation!”

My message today is that it is a new day and you get to chose your thoughts. Try to be mindful. We are given tools as vehicles to move and I use these energy oracle cards as one way to support my continued movement. Above all, I place a value of what these cards give me in messages because of the beautiful soul who gifted them to me.

Know your own value and attach yourself to that thought. Remove unhealthy habits, dig deep into your heart, listen and give yourself space to hear your truth and move forward even if its a little step forward … just take it and dont ever look back … keep that healthy thought in your mind and it will shift your energy to find your freedom and to achieve an authentically happy life.

Don’t feed into your old negative thought patterns, create new ones that you want for the future. Create a vision of where you want to be and don’t be fearful on how big to dream … dream it and believe it!

If it makes you smile then what a wonderful happy energy to feel.

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